Features & Limitations

TrailMix is available in two versions, Free and Pro. There are 5 differences between the two versions:

Limitations of Free Version
  • In the free version, the number of songs available from each playlist is limited to the first dozen songs, plus one-sixth (16.7%) of remaining songs from that playlist.
  • The ability to play songs from a specific artist or album is not available in the free version.
  • The free version contains banner ads, while TrailMix Pro is ad-free.

Special Features of the Pro Version
  • The ability to lock in/adjust the pace manually is only available in Pro. (Cruise Control)
  • The feature that automatically picks songs close to your pace is also Pro-only. (Magic Shuffle)

Note: Documentation refers to latest build. If you used free version 1.9 or prior, you will be automatically upgraded to have fewer limitations under 2.x.

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